How Can You Prevent & Protect Yourself From Pollution?

Stepping out of the house has turned more dangerous than you think, especially for Delhiites. With a severe and hazardous pollution level of 401-500, reported during the months of October to December, Delhi is now titled the “Gas Chamber”. It is not far behind when the other nearby states, in fact, the whole country, would join this life-threatening situation. In addition to the deteriorating environment, the deadly smog is one eminent reason why there is an immense increase in heart diseases, eye infections, coughing, wheezing, breathing problems and other dangerous health issues in the country. With human health, natural resources and the whole planet slowly depleting under the threat of pollution, it is becoming imperative to find ways to prevent and protect from this atrocious, deadly affair.

In this blog, we will walk you through some major measures taken by the Indian government towards the prevention of air pollution, and also a few common methods that can be adopted by anyone to “Prevent & Protect From” pollution.

How Delhi Government Is Dealing with Pollution

Before we take a look at how the Delhi government is working towards the prevention of air pollution, let's realize why this is happening, or what brought us into this dangerous situation. The immense use of cars and other motor vehicles is obviously the root cause of pollution. However, there are a few other factors that go unnoticed but are equal contributors to this massive hazard.

India is a country where the first purchase to any festive occasion is often a bag full of firecrackers. Although it is something loved and cherished, and no festival feels complete without it, it is a fact that firecrackers can dip 50% of a city in emission. Where something as big as firecrackers contributes to pollution, a tiny cigarette too does the same.

With numerous aspects contributing to this deadly situation, the Delhi government has set certain measures to control pollution.

1. Odd-Even Policy - To reduce the amount of gas emitted by motor vehicles, Delhi is now pulling through a policy where, private vehicles with number plates ending with odd numbers will ride only on odd dates, whereas the ones ending with an even number would be on the streets only on even dates. Although, not completely, this policy has for sure remarkably reduced pollution in many parts of the state.

2. Restricting Burning Wastes - Although burning plastics have been prohibited long before, burning of any kind of waste is also completely banned in Delhi. Along with this, the National Green Tribunal has also restricted industry activities, entry of trucks and any construction works.

3. Hiking Parking Fees - In order to discourage the use of private vehicles, the Delhi government has immensely hiked the parking prices, leaving Delhiites no choice but to avoid taking their vehicles out. The Delhi authorities like MCD, DDA, have increased the parking fee by four times so that people are more compelled to opt for public transports or pool services.

4. Preparing The Health Organizations - Hospitals in and around Delhi have been directed by the Health Ministry to stay prepared for an increased number of patients, especially those suffering from asthma, sinusitis, weak heart. Hence, hospitals are advised to stay equipped with nebulizers, ECG monitors and such medical equipment.

Measures to Protect Yourself from Pollution

Although Delhi is currently the only state under massive threat, it is highly recommended that other states, especially the nearby ones, start following these policies too, to avoid falling in the pit. But what stands more eminent is protecting yourself from the effects of the hazard that is already hovering above us. Here are some ways to mitigate the adverse effects of pollution.

1. Avoid Outdoor Activities: Staying indoors and away from the impure air is the best way to protect yourself from rising pollution. Ensure you conduct all your events, hangouts or get-togethers within closed walls that block the outside air. Also, make sure you use proper air purifiers indoors to help freshen the air.

2. Use Face Masks: Although staying indoors remains to be the smarter move, stepping out is sometimes unavoidable. At such times, it is highly recommended that you wear high-quality face masks to protect yourself from inhaling the poisonous air outside. Also, when you are out, avoid areas with construction works or industrial spaces.

3. Detox Yourself: Despite all the measures taken to protect yourself from the dangerous smog, you may still end up breathing it in. Hence, it is necessary to cleanse your body. Jaggery is one effective detox that helps to flush out pollutants from the lungs.

4. Go Eco-friendly: There is no other better way to purify your air than going green. Plant and encourage planting more trees, both indoors and outdoors to help regulate fresh oxygen.

5. Exercise wisely: Since fresh air is merely available anywhere, it is advised to exercise wisely at places where pollution is at a minor percentage. Indoor gyms are the best fit for exercises when pollution levels are at their peak. Also, parks and areas where there are less traffic and no constructions, are other better options.

At the end of the day, it is essential that you stay safe at all means. Ensure you stay indoors and away from polluted air more often, and in case you find yourself out in a highly polluted area, ensure you wear a mask. Remember, “Prevention is always better than Cure”.