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Essential medical equipment for homecare

In the 21st century, medicine has come a long way. We have never been more aware of what we need to do to keep ourselves healthy and fit, physically and mentally.


Laser Dentistry - Lighting the path ahead

No other healthcare discipline would have benefited as much as dentistry has from technology that surrounds light. Light cure technology revolutionised dentistry. It enabled the dentist to use photoactive materials in sealants, cements and composites, significantly increasing the scope of dental practice and reducing treatment time.


Understanding Diabetes to 'Be at ease'

There are many ways to describe Diabetes. That it's a metabolic disorder or that it's an endocrinological disorder. That it's a lifestyle disease or that it's the most dreaded of all the non communicable diseases.


Water bed or Air bed?

There are innumerable treatment modalities and medications for the countless number of diseases that exist in the world, but if there is one essential factor of treatment that is common to all the diseases under the sky, it is a good night's sleep! Our bodies heal when they sleep.


Haemorrhoids - Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

All diseases are a pain in the butt, but when ‘pain in the butt’ itself becomes a disease, it makes you sit and think, or rather stand and think about how being able to sit down peacefully is an under-appreciated luxury that life offers.


Specializations in dentistry - What they do!

If you ask a layman to describe a dentist, they would sum it up in one phrase - 'the teeth doctor'. There is an alarming lack of awareness among the general public on the spectrum of health issues that the dental community protects them from in everyday life.


5 common tooth problems to consider!

Teeth are an underappreciated asset of the human body. Not only do they decorate our smiles and add to our beauty but they also anchor our jaws for proper opening and closure helping us communicate as well as bite and chew the food we eat for proper digestion.


Oral Health: A reflection of your overall health

Let’s say your mouth is the entrance to your body. Afterall, it is through the mouth that the essential nutrition required for life goes in. It's also the main body part used for communication that let’s people in and out of your life.


Root Canal Treatments – Everything you need to know!

For anyone who has ever had dental problems and is not a dentist, there are three words that can send shivers down your spine - ‘Root Canal Treatment’! The thought of lying helplessly awake on a chair under a bright glare while a stranger operates with syringes and needles inside your mouth! 


Supporting the knee with Mediolateral Stabilizers

The complex structure of the human knee joint is one of the beautiful marvels of nature and creation. Did you know that for every pound you weigh, your knee receives four times the amount of stress? 

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