3M (77904) ESPE Pentamix Lite Ecomix

3M (77904) ESPE Pentamix Lite Ecomix

3M (77904) ESPE Pentamix Lite Ecomix


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  • Easily carry from operatory to operatory with the lightest device on the market 
  • Homogeneous and void-free mixing results in reproducible quality. 
  • Fast, time-saving procedure and push-button activation. 
  • Economical and exact dispensing of the amount of material needed. 
  • Hygienic direct filling of tray and syringe without the risk of cross-contamination. 
  • More efficient workflow for higher productivity

3M ESPE Pentamix Lite 230V 50HZ IN

The Pentamix Lite is a portable Automatic Mixing Unit easy to carry thanks to its lightweight and integrated handgrip. With its unique swiveling design, the Pentamix Lite Automatic Mixing Unit requires a minimum of space in the upright standby position and it can be stowed in a space-saving way.

Combine the portable power of the new Pentamix Lite Automatic Mixing Unit with excellent Imprint 4 VPS and Impregum Polyether Impression Material and you get the perfect mix of precision and accuracy. Suitable for all viscosities — from highly viscous putty to medium-bodied materials.

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