3M™ (31796) Monophase Polyether Impression Material

3M™ (31796) Monophase Polyether Impression Material

3M™ (31796) Monophase Polyether Impression Material


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  • 3M (Soft) Monophase Polyether materials have unique features that provide pinpoint precision and the control you need for challenging tasks like implant impressions. The material’s ultimate rigidity ensures the coping stays in place, so you can be sure the implant will be precisely positioned in the mouth.
  • Hydrophilic before, during, and after the setting for excellent accuracy, even in the presence of moisture.
  • Helps get an accurate impression on the first take--reducing the need for costly adjustments, remakes, and retakes.

3M™ Monophase Polyether Impression Material, 31796, Single Pack

3M (Soft) Monophase Polyether materials maintain their superior flowability throughout a very long
working time. And, they start setting when the working time ends—not a moment sooner. This
makes it outstandingly forgiving with less opportunity for errors—delivering distortion-free impressions.

3M™ (Soft) Monophase Polyether Impression Materials have the precision and flow properties of
3M Impregum impression material. The shark fin test proves this: The taller the fin, the greater the flow.
Both materials will flow better than VPS materials.

3M™ (Soft) Monophase Polyether Materials are ideal for:
• Implant impressions
• Fixation impressions
• Impressions of inlay, onlay, crown, bridge, and veneer preparations
• Functional impressions

  • Refill: 1 base paste (300 ml), 1 catalyst paste (60 ml)
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